Keynote lecture

Latin-American Cinema: Moving

Images, Crossing Borders

Marvin D’Lugo Ph.D., Clark University

Professor of Spanish and Chair, Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures;

Adjunct Professor, Screen Studies and Literatures

Very few films from Latin America make it to the U.S. market. Those

films that do, usually fit into established stereotypes of Latin-American

culture. What is the underlying formula for commercial success for

Latin American films in the U.S.? This talk focuses on some recent

films on U. S. screens, and also on the obstacles that filmmakers must

surmount in order to cross cinematic and cultural borders.

Dr. D’Lugo has been at Clark University since 1972.  His special areas of re-

search and teaching include Spanish-language cinema, especially those of Spain,

Cuba, Argentina, and Mexico.  For the last five years, Dr. D’Lugo has directed

the Worcester Latino Film Festival, which brings a noted director and recent

Latino films to campus each spring. Dr. D’Lugo is the author of an encyclopedia

of Spanish film and The Films of Carlos Saura: The Practice of Seeing.


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