GRLAFF 2012: Postales de Leningrado (Postcards from Leningrad)

1pm, Friday March 30, Wealthy Theatre

2007 – Venezuela, 90 min. – NR
Directed by Mariana Rondón
Spanish with English Subtitles

During the leftist uprising in the 1960s in Venezuela, a young guerrilla-girl, living in secrecy, gives birth to her first daughter on Mother’s Day. Due to the irony, her photos appear in the newspaper, and they had to run away. Hidden places, false disguises and names are the daily life of the girl, the narrator of the story. Alongside with her cousin (Teo), they re-live the adventures of their guerrilla parents, building up a labyrinth with superheroes and strategies, in which nobody knows where the reality (or madness) begins.

Sponsored by the Consulate of the República Bolivariana de Venezuela in Chicago.


Rotten Tomatoes


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