El Estudiante (The Student)

Still from El Estudiante6 and 8 pm. Thursday, April 7. Celebration! Cinema River Town. (map)

Mexico, 2009

directed by Roberto Girault

runtime: 95 minutes

Spanish (no subtitles)

Rating: This film has not been rated by the MPAA, however it is suitable for most audiences.

This film screening is made possible by a generous donation from the Mexican Consulate in Detroit, MI and Celebration! Cinema.  Thank you.

FREE Admission!


After retiring from his job, 70 year old Chano (Jorge Lavat) moves to the town of Guantajiro where he enrolls in the local university to study literature.  Despite his age, Chano becomes quick friends with his classmates.  However, Chano becomes more than friend as he helps guide his young classmates through the difficulties of life and love.  In and out of the classroom, Chano and the other students learn the importance of life, love, and following one’s dreams.



Student Papers

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