GRLAFF 2012: Dos Hermanos (Brother and Sister)

6pm, Sunday April 1 at Wealthy Theatre

2010- Argentina, 105 min. – NR

Directed by Daniel Burman

Spanish with English Subtitles
They are both alone. They need each other but, at the same time, they despise each other. Siblings Marcos and Susana are unable to heal the old wounds festering within them after the death of their mother. When Susana sells their mother’s flat, she deprives her brother of the home where he had cared for their mother his whole life. Marcos’s need to start living again surfaces when his sister forces him to leave Buenos Aires for Uruguay.
Sponsored by the Argentine Consulate in Chicago.


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GRLAFF 2012: Chance

4pm, Sunday April 1 at Wealthy Theatre

2009- Panamá, 91 min. – NR

Directed by Abner Benaim

Spanish with English Subtitles
This hilarious comedy tells the story of Toña and Paquita, the housekeepers for the aristocratic González-Dubois family. These domestic employees have been mistreated for quite some time and they are tired of their situation. So when the family plans a shopping trip to Miami, the maids have a plan of their own; to take con- trol of the mansion. Unexpectedly, they will also discover a family secret.


GRLAFF 2012: También la Lluvia (Even the Rain)

1:30pm, Sunday April 1 at Wealthy Theatre

2010 – Spain- México- France, 102 min. – NR

Directed by Iciar Bollain, Starring Gael García Bernal

Spanish and Quechua languages, with English Subtitles
Spanish director Sebastián, his executive producer Costa and all his crew are in Bolivia, in the Cochabamba area, to shoot a motion picture about Christopher Columbus, his first explorations and the way the Spaniards treated the Indians at the time. Costa has chosen this place because the budget of the film is tight and here he can hire supernumeraries, local actors and extras on the cheap. Things go more or less smoothly until a conflict erupts over the privatization of the water supply. The trouble is that one of the local actors is a leading activist in the protest movement.


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GRLAFF 2012: É Proibido Fumar (Smoke Gets In Your Eyes)

4:30pm, Saturday March 31 at Wealthy Theatre

2009 – Brazil, 86 min. R-14

Directed by Anna Muylaert

Portuguese with English Subtitles
This genre-bending dark comedy that floats by in an unpretentious puff, Smoke Gets in Your Eyes is a charmer whose charisma works, like its characters, in modest but lingering ways. In São Paulo, a lonely forty-something guitar teacher lives a tedious life in a lower middle-class apartment, accompanied by her only companions, cigarettes. When she and her new neighbor Max hit it off, however, she discovers that love —and a support group— can help her to overcome her habit… but it can also cloud judgment.


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GRLAFF 2012: Circo

3:30pm, Friday March 30 at Wealthy Theatre

2010 – México, 74 min. – NR
Directed by Aaron Schock
Spanish with English Subtitles

Mexican ringmaster Tino struggles to operate his family’s long- running traveling circus in the midst of an economic downturn, while coping with the demands of his fed-up wife and four talented young children in this fascinating documentary.


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